Issues In Educational Research, 5(1), 1995, iii.


Andrew Taggart
Past President, WAIER

I am delighted to write the first editorial for the 'new' Issues in Educational Research Journal. As you will see from the bland cover (we need a new design) Issues in Educational Research is now published by the Institutes for Educational Research in New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia. The coming together of these four institutes, with a combined membership in excess of 400, should ensure not only the ongoing life of the Journal, but also the potential impact of the Journal on teachers, researchers and research students in the four states.

The Western Australian Institute for Educational Research (WAIER), over the past two years, has actively pursued the 'nationalisation' of the Journal and is delighted that this process is nearing an end. With four state institutes working cooperatively, the Journal should grow in both scope and sophistication. While WAIER will continue to foreground the need for the Journal, at least in part, to meet the needs of beginning researchers in their quest to disseminate their research findings, new directions will unfold as the Editorial Advisory Board places its own emphasis on editorial policy.

As Issues in Educational Research moves away from a local focus, past and present members of the WAIER Executive, particularly John Hall and Len King, should be commended for their commitment to the Journal over the past five years. A Journal in its formative stages is always a challenge and it has been individuals willing to 'get the job done' that has ensured that Issues in Educational Research has a justifiable place in the mainstream of educational research in Australia. NSW Institute for Educational Research has agreed to take a leadership role for the Journal in the immediate future. They will be guided by a new Editorial Advisory board representing the four Institutes who will oversee the progress and development of the Journal.

In the spirit of NSWIER's commitment to the Journal, this issue of Issues in Educational Research has been edited by Mick Dunkin, of the University of NSW. While the articles in this issue maintain a strong WA influence, future editions will undoubtedly reflect the new representative structure of the Journal's publishers.

Issues in Educational Research has moved into a new era. I trust that it will continue to enhance the reflective practice of both beginning and experienced researchers in their endeavours to promote quality teaching and learning.

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