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In September 2004 the Queensland Journal of Educational Research merged with Issues in Educational Research. A full archive is now in development, to recognise and preserve the substantial contribution that QJER made to scholarly publishing of educational research in Australia, from its inception in 1985 as the Queensland Researcher (1985-1996), until its final volume in 2003.

The principal holdings of QJER and the Queensland Researcher are in the following libraries:

  1. State Library of Queensland. http://www.slq.qld.gov.au/
    Queensland Researcher Vol.1; no.1 (Nov. 1985) - Vol.12, no.2 (1996). John Oxley Library. Call Number: S 370.78 002. In storage. Request at Cannon Hill.
    Queensland Journal of Educational Research Vol.13, no.1 (1997) - v.19, no.2 (2003). John Oxley Library. Call Number: S 370.78 002. In storage. Request at Cannon Hill.

  2. National Library of Australia. http://www.nla.gov.au/
    Queensland Researcher Vol.2, no.3 - v.8, no.3; v.9, no.2 - v.12, no.2 (1986-1992; 1993-1996). Call Number: N 370.9943 QUE
    Queensland Journal of Educational Research v.13, no.1 - v.19, no.2 (1997-2003). Call Number: N 370.9943 QUE

  3. The University of Queensland Library. http://library.uq.edu.au/
    Queensland Researcher 1(1985) - 4(1988); 12:1(1996). Call Number: LB1028.A1 Q47
    Queensland Journal of Educational Research 13(1997) - 19(2003). Ipswich Journal. Call Number: L94 .Q43
Prior to winding up in 2004, the Queensland Institute for Educational Research granted a formal permission for IIER to proceed with the online archives for QJER, after viewing a sample volume (Vol 19, 2003; mounted in February 2004).

Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 15:37:31 +1000
From: Cheryl Sim <c.sim@griffith.edu.au>
Subject: Re: Re IIER and QJER
To: rjatkinson@bigpond.com (Roger Atkinson)
Cc: sclarke@cyllene.uwa.edu.au

Joy [Assoc. Prof. J J Cumming, Chair, QIER] writes

"As part of the integration of the Queensland Journal for Educational
Research with the IIER , QIER gives permission for web-archiving of issues
of QJER prior to 2003 to the Editor(s) of IIER for use in support of
educational research and any other use appropriate for such material."

The mounting dates for each article may be read in the article's footer lines. In some cases there may be differences in the dates for 'Created' and for 'Last revision'. These differences are website editor references to correction of errors, usually HTML coding errors, and they do not indicate changes to the authors' text.

The online archives are as close to identical to the printed version as is possible with HTML (hypertext markup language). The text is identical, except for very occasional corrections of minor errors, and for the reduction of ordered list characters to the simpler set available in HTML (eg, changing (a), (b),... to a., b.,...). In reference lists, some punctuation and other details in reference lists have been standardised, and URLs for online references,where known and available, have been added. In general, the hierarchy of headings replicates the originals, except for occasional substitution of <H4> as the second level heading. Occasionally the positions of figures and tables have been moved to align better with references to them in the running text. In a few cases, tables have been reproduced as images in order to minimise the amount of difficult coding in html. Greek symbols usually have been replaced with the character name (eg, alpha, beta, ...). Footnotes have been replaced by in text numbers in square brackets and endnotes.

In general, all HTML is compliant with the W3C HTML Validation Service (HTML 4.0 Transitional) [http://validator.w3.org/] (the qualifier 'in general' means that only a small proportion of files have been checked, and some lesser errors have been tolerated, such as using <P> instead of <br><br>).

To assist with on screen reading, the html code does not specify any fonts (except in the titles of each article) or display widths. Readers should adjust window width, font kind and font size to suit their eyesight and their screens. Also to assist with screen reading, the 'border=1' tag has been used extensively for tables that did not have borders in the original. In general blockquotes have been used for quotations and abstracts, without decrease of font size or italicising which would impair screen reading.

To improve search engine recording of QJER articles, every title tag commences with 'QJER', and in the case of articles, is followed by volume number and year, authors' family names and short title of article. If searching for an article, include QJER as the first of your search words, along with one or more author names, or one or more keywords. For further tips on searching, please see How to search IIER. If you wish to cite an article, please copy and paste the 'Please cite as:' lines at the end of each article, including the URL (web address).

Electronic copies (Microsoft Word format) were used for Volume 19, provided by Simon Clarke, and for Volumes 13-18, prepared originally by Graham Maxwell (and supplied by Simon Clarke). Recovery of volumes prior to Vol 13, 1998, is in progress during 2005-2006 using hard copy, scanning and optical character recognition.

We thank Cheryl Sim, Simon Clarke, Joy Cumming and Graham Maxwell of QIER, WAIER President Phil Paioff and the WAIER Committee, and Curtin University's Department of Education for their various roles in facilitating the merger of QJER and IIER and the mounting of this online archive. We regret that in late May 2006, Curtin University support became non-sustainable. However, fortunately, relocation to a new address www.iier.org.au, supported by the Western Australian Institute for Educational Research has enabled continuation of the QJER archive project.

Roger Atkinson and Clare McBeath
Website Editor and IIER Editor

© Queensland Institute for Educational Research 1985-2003
The Institutes for Educational Research (IERs) are affiliated with the
Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).

Volumes 1 to 12 require recovery from hard copy and completion is not expected until 2013.

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