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Contents of Volume 17, 2001

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2001, Vol. 17, No. 1
Graham Maxwell Editorial: Educational research as kaleidoscope: Valuing diversity 3-8
Jim Varghese Where does research fit in Education Queensland 9-15
Ross Brooker, Ian Macpherson and Tania Aspland Enriching the outcomes of action research: Connecting the local with the global through a hermeneutic spiral 16-28
Cheryl Sim Transforming the subject: A case study of subject matter preparation in teacher education 29-47
Indika Liyanage and Gary Birch English for general academic purposes: Catering to discipline-specific needs 48-67
Kathy B. Baker Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and reading achievement 68-84
John Jackson Youth and the popular music business 85-105

2001, Vol. 17, No. 2
This issue was published April 2002
Phyllida Coombes and Patrick Alan Danaher Editorial: Cui bono?: Investigating benefits and interests in educational research 111-122
Lucy Jarzabkowski Emotional labour in educational research 123-137
Bobby Harreveld Discourse co-ordinations within adult literacy teaching 138-151
Sue McIntosh A critical writing pedagogy: Who benefits? 152-163
Jenny Simpson and Phyllida Coombes Adult learning as a hero's journey: Researching mythic structure as a model for transformational change 164-192
Mike Danaher Three dilemmas in researching Japanese environmental lobbyists 178-192
Jeanne McConachie Who benefits from exploratory business research? The effect of sub-cultures on the implementation of an enterprise system: An Australian regional university perspective 193-208
Beverley Moriarty and Peter Hallinan In whose interests? Possibilities and potential juxtaposed in reflecting on research with Australian circus communities 209-220
Emilio Alexis Anteliz, Geoffrey Radcliffe Danaher and Patrick Alan Danaher Norias and ferris wheels: Benefits, interests and ethics in researching Venezuelan and Australian fairground people's educational experiences 221-236
Máirín Kenny Cui bono, indeed ... 237-242

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