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Contents of Volume 19, 2003

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2003, Vol. 19, No. 1
Simon Clarke Editorial 2
Rod Chadbourne What makes middle schools and middle schooling distinctive, if anything? 3-12
Amanda Keddie and Rick Churchill Power, control and authority: Issues at the centre of boys' relationships with their teachers 13-27
Linda Galligan, Patricia Cretchley, Lucy George, Kris Martin McDonald, Jacquie McDonald and Janet Rankin Evolution and emerging trends of university writing groups 28-41
Julie Willans, R. E. Harreveld and P. A. Danaher Enhancing higher education transitions through negotiated engagements of learning experiences: Lessons from a pre-undergraduate preparatory program language education course 42-50

2003, Vol. 19, No. 2
Special theme issue: Education as community development: Social entrepreneurship and
capacity building in sustaining and transforming regional and rural areas
Guest Editors: Beverley Moriarty, Patrick Alan Danaher and Geoff Danaher Editorial: Guest Editors' Introduction to special theme issue: Education as community development 55-58
Geoff Danaher, Beverley Moriarty and Patrick Alan Danaher Social entrepreneurship and capacity building in linking Australian show people and regional and rural communities 59-66
Wakio Oyanagi Difficulties and problems in building schools based on community needs: A case study of educational reforms at Nara Prefecture in Japan 67-82
Eva Leffler and Gudrun Svedberg Enterprise in Swedish rural schools: Capacity building through learning networks 83-99
Jeanne McConachie and Jenny Simpson Social entrepreneurship: An Australian university transforms a regional community through diversity and innovation 100-118
Joy Penman and Bronwyn Ellis Mutualism in Australian regional university-community links: The Whyalla experience 119-136
Sue Kilpatrick Ivory tower meets real world: Benefits of education engaging with community 137-141

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