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Journal of the Queensland Institute for Educational Research

In September 2004 the Queensland Journal of Educational Research merged with Issues in Educational Research. A full archive is now in development, to recognise and preserve the substantial contribution that QJER made to scholarly publishing of educational research in Australia, from its inception in 1985, as Queensland Researcher, until its final volume in 2003. The notes below are a part of the archival record and are not current advice about QJER and QR or its publisher, QIER. For current advice please see [IIER Home]

Queensland Researcher is the journal of the Queensland Institute for Educational Research (QIER) and is distributed to all members. Queensland Researcher is published three times a year. Articles range across many areas of educational research and evaluation. The journal is indexed in the "Australian Education Index" and registered with the National Library of Australia.

Editorial Panel

Neil CranstonQueensland Department of Education
Joy CummingGriffith University, Faculty of Education
Jill BorthwickQueensland University of Technology
John DunganOffice of Cabinet, Premier's Department

The Institute

The Queensland Institute for Educational Research was established in 1930 to promote the cause of research in education. conduct programs of educational research, and co-operate with the Australian Council for Educational Research.

The objectives are:

The Institute provides a representative to the governing body of the Australian Council for Educational Research, and participates in meetings of the Council's various advisory committees and of all State Institute's for Educational Research.

To find out more about QIER, contact:Shirley O'Neill
Secretary, QIER
PO Box 32
Brisbane Albert Street Q 4002

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