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Contents of Volume 34, 2024

Number 1 IIER 34(1) was published on 30 March 2024.

Roger Atkinson and Clare McBeath Editorial 34(1): (i) Introducing a guest editorial; (ii) Editorial miscellanea [HTML]
Paul Gardner
An invited guest editorial
IIER: Loosening the straps on the neoliberal straitjacket subjugating educational research [HTML]
Saban Bon and Bhornsawan Inpin Roles of two PD modes in technology integration for EFL classes: Training and professional learning communities [Abstract]
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Thi Hien Bui and Nicola F. Johnson Self-regulation and metacognition in a flipped classroom: EFL students' perspectives at a Vietnamese university [Abstract]
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Rochelle Fogelgarn, Jacolyn Weller and Karen O'Reilly-Briggs Permission to Teach VET: Enabling a vicious circle that maintains the low status of VET education [Abstract]
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Susan Hill, Margaret Miller, Amanda Devine, Angela Genoni, Elizabeth Wenden and Matthew Byrne Supporting nutrition education in low socioeconomic schools in Western Australia [Abstract]
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Dawn Joseph, Rohan Nethsinghe, Alberto Cabedo-Mas and Jennifer Mellizo Professional learning: Sharing intercultural perspectives through virtual connections [Abstract]
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Samantha Marangell, Beatrice Venturin, Chi Baik, Sally Baker, Gwilym Croucher and Sophie Arkoudis Students' attitudes toward diversity in higher education: Findings from a scoping review [Abstract]
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Angélica Monteiro, Ana Cristina Torres and Sara Blanc Clavero Digital technologies and school gardens: Possibilities for transformative pedagogies and sustainable development [Abstract]
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Kim O'Grady, Janet Scull and Damien Lyons Exploring the early writing experiences of young children within the home through autoethnographic reflections [Abstract]
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Karen Peel, Nick Kelly and Patrick A. Danaher Australian teachers' causal attributions along a motivational continuum in supporting their resilience [Abstract]
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Marie Pinďáková, Soňa Kalenda Vávrová and Ilona Kočvarová Adverse childhood experiences among clients of juvenile detention centres: Research in Czech Republic [Abstract]
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Kusum Prakash, Ashvin Praneet Chand and Poonam Singh Supervising lecturers' support for pre-service teacher education students during teaching practice in Fiji [Abstract]
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Marg Rogers, Khatuna Dolidze, Astrid Mus Rasmussen, Fabio Dovigo and Laura Doan Impacts of managerial systems on early educators' job satisfaction in five countries [Abstract]
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Melvin Sarsale, Dennis Alonzo, Mary Annchyr Jumarito, Catherine Garcia, Karen Molina, Cherry Zin Oo, Francis Ann Sy and Prose Ivy Yepes Parental involvement in assessment: Why, how and where to? [Abstract]
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Rima Shishakly Young children's online homeschooling during Covid-19 closure in the United Arab Emirates: Parents' experiences [Abstract]
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Mia Stubhaug and Armend Tahirsylaj Students' experiences of Bildung and education: Is it in accordance with Norway's curriculum policy? [Abstract]
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Amir Toghyani Khorasgani, Jahanbakhsh Rahmani and Narges Keshtiaray Empowering economic development: Integrating economic-related issues into secondary school curricula [Abstract]
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Goodness Tshabalala, Mkhumbulo Ndlovu, Solomon Makola and Gawie Schlebusch Implementing positive discipline in Eswatini primary schools: A qualitative study of principals' experiences [Abstract]
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Jacob Vargas-Arteaga, Marbel Gravini-Donado, Myriam Ortíz-Padilla and Luz Elena Vargas-Ortiz Cultural heritage education for high school students in Colombia: A socially appropriate measurement scale [Abstract]
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Thinley Wangdi and Sonam Dhendup Exploring Bhutanese English teachers' attitudes toward English as a lingua franca in Bhutan [Abstract]
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Urooj Yahya, Rahila Huma Anwar and Sajida Zaki Women leaders in higher education: A systematic review offering insights for nations with wider gender gaps [Abstract]
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