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Contents of Volume 9, 1993

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1993, Vol. 9, No. 1
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K. N. Purnell and R. T. Solman Improving learners' comprehension of technical material using developments in cognitive science 24-30

1993, Vol. 9, No. 2
Editorial Panel Editorial 9(2) v
John Stevenson Researching the relationship between vocational and general education 1-12
Nita Lester An evaluation of an audio-graphic device for the teaching of degree level visual arts at a distance 13
Lidia Stojkovic Investigation of the types and levels of functional literacy skills used in clerical workplace settings 13
Patrick Danaher Colonialism, race and religion in the classroom: Aspects of the London Missionary Society's educational activities on Darnley Island in the Torres Strait, 1871-1914 14
Robert Thompson Following the show: Issues relating to the education of the children of the Showmen's Guild of Australia 15
Tony Erben Discourses at variance and the roles teacher-trainees play 15
Ian Kindt, Pat Moran Effective teaching through observation of exemplary practices 17
Pat Moran, Bobby Harreveld UCQ-DPI-LCD 17
Jill Borthwick Quality initiatives for teaching and learning development in higher education 18
Julie Spreadbury Parents and Literacy (PAL) 18
Susan Danby Exploration into post-graduate supervision: A teaching reflection and collaboration project (TRAC) 19
Professor Noeline Kyle Cara David and the 'truths' of her 'unscientific' travellers' tales in Australian and the South Pacific 19
Colin Lankshear, Michele Knobel, Linda Gerut Language and literacy: Past, present and proposed research from a multi-disciplinary base 20
Julie Straughair Research into the comparability of tertiary entrance 20
Sue Thomas Media, policy and education 21
Neil Cranston, Christina Grieve A collaborative action research model for school review 21
Barry Cameron, Majbritt Reugebrink Not now, maybe later: Rejecting Queensland tertiary course offers 22
Pat Gunn, Alan Hayes, Mary Crombie Within-group variation in two cohorts of children with Down's syndrome 22
Neil Dempster, Judyth Sachs, Grace Distant, Lloyd Logan The primary school planning project 23
Jan Boyd Trial by profile: Report on the trialling and validation of the National Arts Profiles (draft) - An independent research study conducted in conjunction with Queensland Schools 23
Elizabeth Mason The effects of attributional re-training on the self-perception and career aspiration of gifted grade 9 girls who are underachieving 24
Patricia Weeks Variety in Teaching and Learning (VITAL) 24
Bruce McBryde The research program for TEPA 25
Don Margetson More quality, less pedagogy: Understanding, knowledge and problem-based learning 25
John Dungan, Denis Reghenzani Policy and Research Branch, Research and Development Division, Office of VETEC 26
John Dungan, Denis Reghenzani Review of the delivery of adult and community education in Queensland 26
Kathryn Kelly Beginning teachers' conceptions of teaching: An ethnographic study spanning the first three years of professional work 27
Ruth Kane The utilisation of repertory grid analysis in understanding how beginning teachers construe teaching and leaming 27
Bill Atweh Students researching students: A research methodology and an equity project 28
Alan Hayes, Monica Cuskelly, Roshni Senapati Family relationships of children with disabilities: Beyond monolithic models 28
Beverley Broughton Young childrens' interpretation of pictures 29
Barry Green, Barbara Dundas, John Clarke, Roger Slee International School Effectiveness Research Project (ISERP) 29
Eric Williams Sole parents as adult learners in a TAFE community college - Their perspective of social support 30
Ken Jarman From the Centre: Perceptions of an emerging culture 30

1993, Vol. 9, No. 3
Editorial Panel Editorial 9(3) iii
Jill Borthwick and Ian Macpherson Critical reflection and collaborative enquiry in a teacher preparation course 1-14
Beverley Moriarty Co-operative Learning Environments: Providing the means to higher self-efficacy and achievement in the classroom 15-27
Edward F. Gifford Why is pre-service training in music for general primary teachers so unsuccessful? 28-35
Gail Halliwell Dilemmas and Images: Gaining Acceptance for Child-Responsive Classroom Practices 36-37
Leonie Daws Gender and Curriculum Policy in the Australian Context: Applying feminist theorising and curriculum theorising in an analysis of curriculum policy with reference to the National Policy for the Education of Girls in Australian Schools and related policies 38-40
Jillian Brannock The Gendered Classroom: A Study of Teacher Attitudes and their Reflection in Classroom Interaction 40-41
Julie Spreadbury Parent, Child and Text: Factors in Reading Aloud in the Home 42-43
Graham Maxwell Rethinking Appraisal and Assessment 44-51
Errol McDonald Making Schools More Effective 52-53

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