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In September 2004 the Queensland Journal of Educational Research merged with Issues in Educational Research. A full archive is now in development, to recognise and preserve the substantial contribution that QJER made to scholarly publishing of educational research in Australia, from its inception in 1985 as the Queensland Researcher (1985-1996), until its final volume in 2003. For advice on searching QJER, see [About QJER] and [How to search IIER].

About QJER Vol 1, 1985 Vol 5, 1989 Vol 9, 1993 Vol 13, 1997 Vol 17, 2001
Vol 2, 1986 Vol 6, 1990 Vol 10, 1994 Vol 14, 1998 Vol 18, 2002
Vol 3, 1987 Vol 7, 1991 Vol 11, 1995 Vol 15, 1999 Vol 19, 2003
Vol 4, 1988 Vol 8, 1992 Vol 12, 1996 Vol 16, 2000

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The QJER Archives web site is hosted by Issues in Educational Research.
Volumes 1 to 12 require recovery from hard copy and completion is not expected until 2013.

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