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Contents of Volume 33, 2023

Number 1 IIER 33(1) was published on 23 March 2023.

Roger Atkinson Editorial 33(1): (i) Revisiting the "need to publish ..."; (ii) ChatGPT and academic journal publishing [HTML]
Saidat Morenike Adeniji, Penelope Baker and Martin Schmude Redesigning a mixed-method research study during a pandemic: A case study from Nigeria and Australia [Abstract]
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Jairo Enrique Castañeda-Trujillo, Jhon Eduardo Mosquera and Lisseth Rojas-Barreto EFL student teachers' renewed comprehension of interculturality and research about interculturality [Abstract]
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Sante Delle-Vergini, Mustafa Ally, Douglas Eacersall, Chris Dann and Subrata Chakraborty Teaching project management to primary school children: Exploring the perspectives of project practitioners [Abstract]
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Pariwat Imsa-ard Thai EFL teachers' self-reported levels of intercultural communicative competence and intercultural sensitivity [Abstract]
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Olivia Johnston and Becky Taylor A systematic literature review of between-class ability grouping in Australia: Enduring tensions, new directions [Abstract]
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Sean Kearney Teacher induction in Australia: Historical context and current challenges [Abstract]
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Anh Vinh Le, Thi Dien Bui and My Ngoc Tran Gender gap in mathematics achievement: Vietnamese students in an American mathematics competition [Abstract]
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Omar Mizel Palestinian students and multiple meanings of the hijab [Abstract]
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Joanne Ng, Marg Rogers and Courtney McNamara Early childhood educator's burnout: A systematic review of the determinants and effectiveness of interventions [Abstract]
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Hong Thu Thi Nguyen Unproctored assignment-based assessment in higher education online: Stakeholder evaluation of issues [Abstract]
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Niamh O'Meara, Mark Prendergast and Páraic Treacy Mathematics in Ireland's upper secondary schools: Why do students choose higher-level maths? [Abstract]
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Sayeed Naqibullah Orfan Lecturers' perceptions of English medium instruction in the higher education sector of Afghanistan [Abstract]
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Sarah Penn Uses and abuses of standardised testing: Perceptions from high-performing, socially disadvantaged schools [Abstract]
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Marg Rogers, Wendy Boyd and Margaret Sims "Burnout central": Australian early childhood educational leaders' experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic [Abstract]
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Becky Roman Pérez and Marly Johana Bahamón Muñetón The socio-emotional dimension in education: A systematic review [Abstract]
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Arzu Saldıray and Ali Meydan Inclusive education for refugee children: Preservice social studies teachers and their critical thinking skills [Abstract]
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Inusah Salifu and Ebenezer Darkwah Odame Examining demographic variables as predictors of self-efficacy among university teachers in Ghana [Abstract]
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Siaw Eng Tan Emotional presence as a cognitive appraisal process in higher education learning: Scale development and validation [Abstract]
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Amir Toghyani Khorasgani, Jahanbakhsh Rahmani and Narges Keshtiaray Curriculum and economic development: A comparative study of secondary education in Iran and G7 countries [Abstract]
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Iman Tohidian, Ali Khorsandi Taskoh and Abbas Abbaspour Stories from children of labour in Iran: Do universities have a social responsibility to help resolve the problems? [Abstract]
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Thi Bich Hiep Vu Teaching English speaking skills: An investigation into Vietnamese EFL teachers' beliefs and practices [Abstract]
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